5 Reasons Why You Need a Staycation | One King West

Who doesn’t wish they would rather be on vacation every now and then? How you wish you could forget all your worries and jet off on an airplane to somewhere far far away. However, sometimes going on a vacation is often easier said than done.

There is so much hassle of planning a vacation from the budgeting, booking of leave, traveling to and from the airport, and the packing!! BUT, what if there was a way of going on vacation while staying in your City? Thankfully, a staycation has all of the benefits of the relaxation of taking a break abroad whilst enjoying the ease of accessibility of enjoying their home in a home away from home.

Here are our 5 reasons why we L O V E staycations.

1. Staycations are affordable

Spending $$ is, inevitably, one of the biggest problems when it comes to traveling abroad. Travel and accommodations tend to be where people spend a significant portion of their vacation budget. However, with a staycation, you could use all that cash for food, drinks, entertainment, and also more drinks. You wouldn’t need to worry about bus fares and other expenses, a staycation would fit into your budget, and allow you to truly relax.

2. It’s the least stressful vacation EVER

There’s a lot to think about when you go on vacation: figuring the best place to stay, deciding your budget for the duration, finding the best attractions. With a staycation… you’re eliminating a lot of stress that goes into planning the perfect vacation. Just a few steps away lies your weekend of relaxation. No getting lost, no mapping out where everything is, and no heavy luggage to carry.

3. Make it the perfect gift 

Got that big day coming up? Birthdays, anniversaries, or just wanting to spend some quality time, a staycation always makes the perfect gift! Take a mundane weekend and turn it into something you would remember forever ever!

4. Exploring the Neighbourhood

A staycation has the ability to slow things down and appreciate parts of the city you’ve never been to before. ” Be a tourist in your own city” – it’s the perfect excuse to splurge on either a day or night out. Places that made you say, “Oh, I want to try that out.”

Wander into the back alleys, go to museums, try new restaurants, visit local shops – chances are, you would probably find places you didn’t know even existed! You never know what mysteries you could uncover.

5. Peace and Tranquillity

On a vacation, you are often too caught up by the wondrous things around than to focus on that best thing ever – self-love! Ditch the crowd and avoid the busy touristy places. Instead, focus on YOU. Stare at a candle, get in a bath, finish reading that book. It saves you time without the hassle of waiting for your turn at restaurants or attractions. Now, how relaxing does that sound?

Thank you to One King West for making our Staycation super memorable!

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