Angie & James | W Hotel

The City of Hong Kong, full of culture and colour. I always love a full traditional Hong Kong wedding. Being born Canadian Chinese, I often don’t get to appreciate a full traditional Chinese wedding.

Unlike a westernized wedding, a traditional Chinese wedding includes many customs. Including one of my favourite parts.. Door games!

Wedding door games are challenges set up by the bridesmaid for the groom as a ceremonial demonstration of the groom’s love for the bride. They get pretty rowdy, depending on how creative the bridesmaids are.

In a traditional Chinese wedding, the tea ceremony is one of the most significant events. It includes very formal introductions of the bride and groom and shows respect to their families. The tea ceremony includes very organized positions and well communicated order of serving.

After the tea ceremony comes “Leaving the bride’s House (出阁).” The bride is sheltered with a red umbrella once out of the house to block off any negative aura. On the way out, the match maker or sister will throw grain for good luck.

James and Angie are cool, stylish, and, best of all, fun people to be around. Everyone in the bridal party knew each other and was FULL of energy.

I just loved everything about their wedding.

The venue, W Hotels, was breathtaking – the hotel was full of light and beautiful backdrops.

It was a perfect day to celebrate James and Angie.