Daryl & Justina | Aga Khan Museum Wedding

After a beautiful summer evening engagement session, Daryl and Justina were filled with excitement to cover the big wedding day. Although we were worried that the special day would be chilly, it ended up being perfect sweater weather.

It was a truly memorable October wedding.

The day started with a Chinese tea ceremony, and both the bride and groom spent the morning surrounded by friends and family taking photos. Just look at how beautiful Justina looks in red!

Then we headed to the Aga Khan Museum for pre-wedding photos. The museum is every minimalist’s dream, with tall white walls and walkways surrounded by matching white walkways framed by lush greenery.

Established on September 18, 2014, the goal for the Aga Khan Museum is to “act as a catalyst for mutual understanding and tolerance.” This breathtaking location attempting to intertwine art and education created the perfect backdrop for two high school sweethearts.

We then headed down the Don Valley Parkway to Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. This was the perfect choice for a bride and groom who are passionate about culinary arts.

Not only is Mildred’s Temple Kitchen a beautiful location, but the staff members also provided top-notch service and the food could not be praised enough. The area operated with an open kitchen concept so that diners have the pleasure of watching the talented chefs prepare their meal right in front of them.

The best part of the open kitchen concept is that you can truly see how passionate the staff are about ensuring that your experience is top notch, and the food is prepared with both speed and expertise. This beautiful and modern restaurant is located in Liberty Village.

Throughout the day, it was impossible not to see the undeniable love between the newlyweds. Daryl and Justina are the sweetest couple.

These lovebirds met 11 years ago in high school and quickly bonded over their love of gaming. So of course, this beautiful couple decided to make a gaming station part of their big day.

It was the perfect end to a perfect day!