Loraine & Tims | Times Square Diner Engagement

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When it comes to picking the right spot for an engagement session, just about anywhere is possible. We chose to have this photo session captured at  Times Square Diner. It may not exactly remind you of the famous NYC diners, but its full of retro and throwback vibes.

When you show up to Time Square’s diner for an engagement session, it’s safe to say you don’t really know what you’re walking into. Located on Wilson Heights near Downsview station, the vibrant coloured exterior of the diner stands out amongst the midst of mundane residential complexes and stores juxtaposing the monotone neighbourhood.

The diners interior utilises a vibrant and dynamic colour scheme allowing for photogenic images, with aqua coloured walls, seats and table tops, black and white checkered floor, and red trim everywhere.

We shot around the diner with Loraine and Tim and enjoyed themselves to a nice and thick chocolate and vanilla milkshake 😉