75 Acres of Sunshine at This Engagement Session!

Choosing the location for a summer engagement photoshoot is always fun, because there are so many beautiful options. However, there’s something magical and romantic about strolling through a field of endless flowers with the person you love, with nothing but blue sky and bright colours in every direction that you look.

Bogle Seed in Hamilton was home to 75 acres of sunflowers. This breathtaking and picturesque location opened up by the Bogles in the 1970’s and was the first Ontarian location to grow commercial sunflowers. This location would open once every three years for the two weeks that sunflowers were in season during late July and early August for photographers and artists to use.

Solla and Peter decided that this was the location that they wanted to commemorate their engagement. This beautiful couple showed up bright and early at 9AM on a Saturday for the photoshoot at Bogle Seed in Hamilton. Both of them were wonderful to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with them.

Solla is an actor and was able to charm the camera from the second the lens cap came off. Paul is an engineer, but you would never have been able to tell that he and Solla aren’t professional models. Both he and Solla made posing look so easy and fun! 

Both of them dressed well for the occasion, and the neutral blues and whites on their clothes matched beautifully with the sea of bright yellow sunflowers behind them. They were both wonderful to work with and were great to collaborate with creatively.

When we arrived there, the crowd was packed, with lines forming up and down the road with some people who claimed to have been waiting there since 5:45 AM. Unfortunately, as a result of individuals disrespecting the flowers and destroying this piece of Canadian history, as of July 28, 2018, Bogle Seed has been shut down for tourist FOREVER!! 

Despite this, I am glad that I was able to get the rare opportunity to photograph this couple in the sunflower field. Like this experience, what this couple has is something rare that happens once in a lifetime, and will continue to grow and flourish long after the cameras have been shut off and put away.