Sheldon & Alison | Take me to the Carnival!

CNE Engagement Session

It’s the time of the year again! As the summer comes to an end there isn’t much more of an iconic engagement session in Toronto other than the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition)! The CNE is currently one of the 10 largest carnivals in North America, drawing almost 1.5 million visitors every summer. Many of us have fond memories of their childhood and go every season for the food, rides, games, shows, and overall atmosphere.

Sheldon & Alison make sure they go each summer, so I loved their idea of photographing their date night at the Ex! It was a beautiful summer evening in Toronto, and the Ex was swarmed with people.  I couldn’t ask for a better location other than the Ex for night photos – bright lights and neon signs.  Get’s you on your feet with endless possibilities of creativity when it comes to photography!

Sheldon & Alison was a CNE engagement to remember. It was such a good experience shooting at the Ex!