Vince & Prudence | Leña Restaurante an Intimate wedding

Vince and Prudence tied the knot on a gorgeous mid-march day. With their traditional Chinese tea ceremony, Leña Restaurante reception and close friends a family- the day was filled with very special yet intimate moments.

Chinese traditions are still practiced to this day, and one of the most popular traditions is the Chinese wedding tea ceremony. I love capturing these intimate moments as the bride and groom share a special time to show respects to their elders. Chinese weddings also mean wearing the striking red dresses, one of which Prudence acquired from Vince’s grandmother. It was a very sentimental gesture for them.

The night continued at Leña Restaurante- a beautiful venue located at the corner of Yonge and Richmond. The night was filled with heart warming speeches and contagious laughter.

It was a precious wedding!