Why We Love Wedding Drone Photography

As a wedding photographer in Toronto – whenever I ask my couples where they want to capture their engagement sessions. It’s usually the same repeated spots. Scarbrough bluffs, Woodbine beach, high park. Unfortunately, our City is flat land and we are not as lucky when it comes to outdoor locations.

Now imagine yourself at your favourite engagement location: that perfect sunset shot as you and your significant other are walking along Woodbine beach. Or that perfect shot standing on top of Scarbrough bluffs looking out at beautiful Lake Ontario.

Now, imagine it from above.

The drone opens up so many different perspectives in photography which fascinates me! Seeing the world from above or even the same locations from above just bring a different exciting feeling to photography that the normal human eye can’t see.

The drone has provided new ways of photography that let me explore places I travel to on a whoooooole nother level. It’s one thing capturing from a normal human point of view. It’s something else when you look down on it. The aerial perspective truly shows off the environment and can really make a person feel so tiny in this BIG world haha!


Other times, as you get high up, what you see changes completely. I keep amazing myself after countless times I’ve found myself saving ” woooow, I never imagined this!” Definitely the case with the image from the sunflower farm in Hamilton which planted 75 acres of sunflowers! I knew it was a 75 acres of land, but having a bird’s eye view really put things in perspective.

I always try to place my couples the centre of the location looking straight down. Something about the image just tells a story or creates a feeling of you being in that location.

I always try to whip out my drone during weddings or engagement sessions (when it’s safe to do so). The joy and laughs that this little gadget brings to the couples and the memories it captures are worth it! The drone brings such a creative way of capturing couples that challenges me to reach new heights of photography!

And… This is why we love drone wedding photography. Ask us about our aerial packages!